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Blow In Insulation for Oklahoma City, Stillwater, or Tulsa

Blow In Insulation in the Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Stillwater Areas

Blown in fiberglass insulation combines quality with affordability in home insulation applications. Nothing can lower your monthly energy bill faster than installing a material that has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent. As Certified Master Installers and Insulation Contractors, we apply the blown in fiberglass with speed and efficiency to help your savings start as soon as possible. Call us now for a free in-home inspection and estimate.

How Does It Work?

Often referred to as loose-fill, blown in insulation consists of loose pieces of fiberglass insulation that are blown into areas that need insulation like between walls, the unfinished floors of attics, oddly shaped spaces and around protrusions. It’s a scientific fact that heat naturally moves to cooler areas. So, in the summer, outside warmth tries to move into your air conditioned home. In the winter, your heated air tries to slip out into the cold. The layer of fiberglass insulation greatly reduces the transfer of heat.

How well a material reduces this transfer of heat is referred to as the R-Value. The higher the R-Value, the greater resistance to heat movement the product has. Blown in fiberglass will significantly decrease the transfer, leaving your home more energy efficient. You’ll enjoy cooler summers, warmer winters and lower energy bills.

Trust a Professional

There are plenty of websites online with instructions on installing blown in fiberglass insulation on your own. But this is an expensive project to take on by yourself. Doing it improperly could leave you calling a professional and paying for it twice. It is only an effective barrier to heat transfer when applied evenly and at the right thickness. Our precision as Certified Master Insulators gives you the peace of mind that your job will be done right.

Although blown in insulation materials have greatly improved over the years and are far less likely to scatter, an amateur may not be able to control the product and keep it out of the air. We install the insulation where it belongs without the concern of floating particulates to breathe in. The CertainTeed products that we use are designed to stay in place without settling.

How Oklahoma Insulators, LLC Installs Insulation in Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Tulsa Metro Area

Not only are we Certified Master Insulators and Insulation Contractors, but we are also CertainTeed certified. We only work with CertainTeed products and install them with precision according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. We have special hoses that use pressurized air to blow the fibers into place. As the blown in insulation penetrates the area, the insulation expands. This process gives you a fast, efficient and affordable result in your home.

Besides being installed in your walls, it can be blown into a number of other areas. It is commonly used on unfinished attic floors, in between wall joints, in basement ceilings and in other oddly shaped spaces. It can be used in combination with our spray foam insulation to create the most effective and affordable home energy solution for your family.

No Insulation Removal Needed

Blown in insulation is one of the most cost effective home insulation solutions on the market. When you choose us for installation, it becomes even more affordable because we are equipped to apply it right over your existing materials. There is no need for costly removal services. With this capability, we can save you time and money.

A Green Choice

Using blown in insulation is a green choice for your family. Within the first year after you have it applied, it will save you up to 12 times as much energy as was needed to create it. In fact, most fiberglass materials are made up of 20 percent recycled glass. It is estimated to save up to 40 percent on energy bills every year.

Oklahoma Insulators, LLC is a locally-owned and operated insulation company that is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are proud to offer free home inspections and quotes to get your project started. We will discuss with you the benefits of blown in versus spray foam and help you make a choice based on your desired results and budget. Call now for your free inspection.

We install blown in insulation in Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Enid, Guthrie, Ponca City, Woodward and all the surrounding communities.